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Flimsee Classic Set


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how to play FlimseeThis is the original set that brought Flimsee® to the masses. Each set includes: four full-length Flimsee Sticks, two Flimsee Discs, six Flimsee Cups, a stick coupling, and a drawstring bag. Made from the highest quality USA components and assembled in Ohio for reliable performance year after year. Full-length Flimsee Sticks provide maximum flexibility and are recommended for backyard, sideline, or tournament play. Use in combination with 175 gram discs for superior game intensity. It's the ultimate game!

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    Official Flimsee Discs (2-pack)

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  • flimsee-cups-discs-replacement-kit-1386639484-jpg

    Flimsee Cups & Discs Replacement Kit

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    Official Flimsee Cups 6pk

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We love the non-stop action of Flimsee, offense or defense, casual or competitive, it may very well be the most fun you can have with a frisbee.”